10 Key Points In How To Voice Your Writing

1. Write all the time! Develop a strong style.

2. Get opinions from other people, get their input

3. Write and rewrite until you love it

4. Don’t let anyone change your style of writing, keep with it but take suggestions

5. Use you! Use everyday occurrences, incorporate your own life to make it more relatable

6. Have thinking periods. Sit and think about how you perceive the world through your own eyes

7. Love, and be loved. Use emotion! Incorporate every emotion you’ve ever felt, draw them in

8. Use ideas, dreams, or thoughts you’ve had that mentally intrigue you

9. Explore, go out and look at scenery, describe it and dream about it. Imagine your story taking place there, how would you describe it in your style? Try writing a rewriting until you’ve found how it works best for you

10.  Find music. Listen to different types of music that you like and find the lyrics. Same with books. Look at how they are written, why do you like it so much? What is it about the writing you love? Use that to identify your own style