Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

This is a short animation of romea and juliet, no words, just movement


Relationships of daughter to parents: Full House vs. Modern Family

In full house, the daughter DJ is very manipulative and always tries to get what she wants. She has no power over her dad whatsoever, so she uses her manipulation and lying skills to get what she wants. Her dad in the end realizes what DJ has done and talks to her about what she has done and how it’s not right, DJ usually learns her lesson and appreciates her dad for teaching her that what she did was morally wrong. In Modern Family, The daughter Hailey isn’t very manipulative. She is straight blunt with her mother, she can try to lie if she wanted, but her mother can see right through the lies and knows exactly what she wants. No lesson learned, usually just sarcastic come-backs and the mom usually wins.

list 5 differences btwn the mothers and fathers of the Brady Bunch and Arrested Developement

Brady bunch mom: -very well kept                         Arrested Development mom: -drunk

                             -reserved                                                                            – not reserved whatsoever

                              – proper                                                                              – doesn’t care about her image

                             – does what her husband says                                              – doesn’t listen to husband

                             – melodramatic                                                                     – sarcastic

Dad from Brady Bunch: – calm, cool                    Dad from Arrested Development: – frantic

                                   – keeps control                                                                 – has no control

                                   – always on scene                                                             – hardly ever there

                                   – responsible                                                                     – un-responsible

                                   – loving/caring                                                                    – doesn’t care

Write two paragraphs of at least 8 sentences each, comparing the father, mother, or son in The Waltons and That 70′s Show.

Olivia and Kitty are similar in many ways.  They are kind and caring for their children. Whenever their sons go out somewhere, they always worry about wether or not they will make it home. They don’t do anything but worry until their sons are safe at home. They care so much about their families and always help around in some way, Kitty does the dishes and laundry, has birthday parties for the kids even when they don’t want them. Olivia always makes sure her family is safe by looking out for them and  making sure they are always home on time. The children and husband have some respect for the wives, but not much. They don’t really care what the wives do as long as they don’t get into to much trouble.

Some more similarities they have are their kindness and craziness. Kitty is so energetic and always willing to help her family. She over does things and hopes for a good reaction, which everyone gives her even if they don’t think it’s great. Olivia does things for her family all day long and takes care of the children. She is constantly watching where her children go and make sure they go to safe places. Neither of the women let their children go to places they think are dangerous, even if they aren’t, and won’t believe they aren’t until they see for themselves. Her family always tries to please her to keep her happy and she accepts. They also love their husbands, even if the husbands don’t acknowledge their ideas or thoughts often. They are bother very loved by their families even though they are a bit over protective.

* Point form notes: Compare the mother in Reba with the mother in Leave it to Beaver: 5 similarities and 5 differences

The mother in Reba and the mother in Leave it to Beaver are

similar in these ways: manipulating, taking care of the kids, watching over the family, making sure everyone is doing their jobs, and protective of their children

different in these ways:    Reba- in charge of the household, divorced, voices her opinions, outgoing and loud, guides children on the right path

June- doesn’t have a say in the household, would never be seen as divorced, never speaks out, very quiet, tells children what to do and doesn’t explain how to do so


When Atticus thinks Jem has killed Bob Ewell he says, “Some times I think I’m a total failure as a parent … they’re all I’ve got.” Discuss Atticus’ dilemma. * 3 problems * minimum of 10 sentences * discussion /15

Atticus’s dilema is that his conscience is so clear, he could never avoid a fact of life that was so obvious to him. He could never avoid something that was a failure in his eyes. To himself, he believed he had failed as a parent. Atticus thought that even if Jem had killed Bob Ewell in self defence, Jem would still have to go to court. Atticus wouldn’t hide it from anybody and let there be rumors about Jem. Atticus will stand before court and have the case done properly. Atticus feels he has failed as a parent because after he taught his kids that all you need to do is step in someone else’s shoes and walk around in them. See how they live and why they are the way they are. And he thinks Jem just went for it and never even thought to think about it. If it was hushed up, it would be like a denial to Jem of the way Atticus has tried to raise him. Before Jem looks at anyone else, he looks at Atticus, Atticus feels like if he couldn’t look back at Jem the way Jem looks at him, Atticus knows he will have failed. Atticus has a real dilemma, because he believes he really truley has failed at being a parent with Jem.