Things To Improve On In My Writing

Well seeing as writing is never perfect, I would think write a few things. Even perfect writing is never perfect. Perfection is not a reachable thing, there is always room for improvement. I think, though, that the thing I’d need to improve on the most is consolidating my style. Style is not a very hard thing to develop, it is simply just how you write. Making it better, improving it, and elaborating on your style are the things that people have the most trouble with.  I find my writing pretty self explanatory, and others either find it unique, exciting, and very interesting, or if they don’t understand, they find it very nebulous. Nebulous is my style though, I’ve always found myself to be a more in-depth and abstract perspective writer. I suppose to fix it and to reach out to any reader, I should incorporate some fine detailing and solid plot. Making a shell of my writing to give a reader a good grip on the points I’m trying to get across. I started developing my style in grade 2 because I was in an advanced program and was reading at a grade 12 level with full comprehension. Style is something that is unique to every hand, yet very hard to grasp. To improve on style, I have been using this website    for good writing prompts, and then creating a mini scenario and re-developing it until it reaches the standards that I approve of. Afterwards, I get other people to read it and add in things so that I can appeal to other senses of intellect. This helps me integrate thoughts of real people and real readers. Developing and improving my style has always been difficult, but I will push myself to the limit!


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