Three Adjectives to Describe each character: Jem, Scout, Atticus, Calpurnia, and Miss Caroline.

I think the best three adjectives to describe Jem would be charismatic, courageous, and pragmatic. He is a very social and outgoing kid, he goes and does dangerous but brave things. For example when he went to go retrieve his pants from the Radley place, that took a huge sum of courage to be able to go back to that place alone at night when threatened to be shot at. He is also very practical and aware of his limitations, which is why most of the time he keeps under the radar of his father, Atticus. Three adjectives to describe Scout would have to be argumentative, clever, and quick-tempered. She always gets into arguments with people, whether it be a teacher or her cousin, Francis. She tries to understand things but she does it in a way that the other person feels they can bother her more which makes her argue. She is very clever, Scout is always devising some sort of plan or action for the Radley place, and if she’s not involved, she finds a way to somehow be a part of it. Scout looses her temper very quickly. She lets other people see that they’ve set her off in a way that if they keep poking they know that she will explode. She learns from Atticus that it isn’t ok to do that, but she doesn’t quite understand how. Atticus is thoughtful, trustworthy, and almost manipulative in a way. He is constantly thinking of his life and children and being aware of consequences that he has to face to make his way through hard times. Many people place their trust in Atticus, they know he’s a good hearted man and will help anyone he knows has the right to have their side of a story proven true. He has a manipulative aspect to him because he can put on a face that no one can read, he can deceive them from his real emotions. Three good adjectives to describe Calpurnia would be sympathetic, extroverted, and sincere. She cares for the Finch family as if they were her own. She is very outgoing and lively. Her personality is astonishing compared to other black house keepers in their day. She is sincere, she says what she believes is true and sticks with it. And Atticus supports her on that. Miss Caroline is very impulsive, opinionated, and arrogant. She does things without thinking a lot of the time. She says things she doesn’t even know are bad things to say, or does things she thinks are “teacher like” things, when the kids already know all of the stuff she’s teaching. She strongly believes in her opinions and wants the children to think the same way she does, but she doesn’t know that they will never listen to her. She is a little arrogant because she doesn’t except the fact that Maycomb is so different from Alabama. She doesn’t understand how the people treat each other, nor does she want to understand. All of these characters are very different in their own ways, which is what makes them who they are.


2 thoughts on “Three Adjectives to Describe each character: Jem, Scout, Atticus, Calpurnia, and Miss Caroline.

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