The Parenting Style of Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch isn’t just an ordinary father. He teaches his children things no parent of that time period, or even our time period, would even think of doing. Atticus tries to show his children how the world works from other people’s point of view. To walk in someone else’s shoes for awhile before judging them. He teaches his children that people like to try to hit you right in your weakest point, but you need to learn how to not let them see that it gets to you. Hide what you are feeling under a mask that they wouldn’t recognize or be able to read your emotions from. He teaches them to always stick with what you believe is right and not what others tell you is or isn’t. He shows them how society is a place where the majority of people believe a certain way, and you need to overcome that and take the high road. Scout is very hotheaded and always trying to stick up for everyone. She doesn’t understand that fighting doesn’t always solve the problem. It frustrates her immensely. But Atticus shows her how to overcome this, and to try to see how other people live and why they do the things they do before reacting to the situation. Jem wants to be exactly like Atticus. He wants to learn to be a gentlemen. Jem has the type of personality where he buries his emotions and doesn’t know how to deal with them, and when he finally gets to his tipping point he explodes with emotions and can’t contain himself. Atticus teaches him how to put on a face that no one can see through. A face that when someone tries to say something to bother him, they won’t know if it bothers him or not and eventually it won’t even matter anymore.


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